Holistic Healing

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I am a qualifed and experienced  practitioner who takes pride in the quality of my treatments.  I want you to gain the maximum benefit from my therapies You can be assured of confidentiality and that I keep my practice up to date through Continuous Professional Development

The treatments that I offer include:

Reflexology:               1hour £25  

I specialise in clinical reflexology.  Reflexology is an excellent way of working with a wide range of illnesses and conditions. It aids recovery from surgery and accidents and helps to cope with the effects of long-term limiting illness and terminal conditions

Reflexology works on the principle that the body is reflected in the feet and hands. By applying finely detailed pressure and release techniques to the reflexes in the feet it is possible to bring about changes to physical, metal and emotion conditions.

It is a pleasant, and relaxing experience that improves circulation, elimination of toxins and aids the body to heal. 

Reflexology can work well with conditions such as digestive disorders; headaches and migraine; menstrual and fertility problems; Grief, Stress and depression; (inc work related stress); Muscular/skeletal and joint problems; Asthma and allergies; sporting injuries

Reiki:                           40 minutes £15 

Reiki is an energy healing where the practitioner acts as a channel to draw healing energy into the client.  It is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that balances the chakras and harmonises the body and mind. It can have a beneficial effect on body, mind and emotions

 Head Massage:       40 minutes £15 

This is a massage of the back, shoulders, head and face.  This massage relieves physical and mental tensions.  It is particularly useful for work related stress; also relieving headaches and neck and shoulder stiffness.  

Ear Candling              30 minutes £15 

 Hopi ear candling is excellent for assisting with sinus problems, headaches and other conditions of the ear, nose and head. It is very relaxing. The ear candling finishes with a face massage to help drain the sinuses and continue the relaxation

                                       Combined treatments 

I have developed a range of combined treatments that draw on elements of all my treatments plus dowsing and guided imagery 

Top 2 Toe                    1 Hour £30 

A deeply relaxing blend of head massage, reflexology and Reiki for an overall feeling of relaxation and wellbeing 

This is an ideal one-off treatment for the start of a holiday or at the end of a period of particularly intense pressure.

Ready 2 Go                 40 minutes £25 

A blend of head Massage and Reiki to relieve tension, promote energy and send you on your way refreshed and invigorated.

Time 2 Grow                40 minutes £25 

A blend of Reiki, Hand Reflexology and Guided Imagery which helps with indecision, or not trusting in your own abilities.  Good for helping with decision making and future planning   


Treatments are available 7 days a week by appointment - including evenings

Tranquil treatment room close to Stourport town centre

Home visits if preferred